U.S. Army original film archive footage Roswell.

They are telepathic assholes.
They can think you around, like a God, for a whole day,
and you can't do shit about it.
How's that for a page introduction?

In Roswell, the 509:th Atomic Bomb Group Headquarters was stationed.

What did the President of the United States do when a extraterrestial spaceship exploded from the inside and scattered wreckage over a large American area?
Well he made sure that only he would know everything.
He saw to it that a group was created that denied the entire U.S. Army knowledge, of all the U.F.O. activities, and he pissed off a lot of people in this process called


NOW ONLY HE, The President Of the United States, would know everything.

If it had really been about National Security, everyone would have been told. After all, the Security of the Nation CONCERNS exactly everyone, IN THE NATION.

Keeping all UFO information to yourself, and deny others from knowing, ain't exactly the best for the Nation as a whole. Or the World.

Or to keep the UFO information in a small group. If you ask everyone else in the same Nation, they think they should know too... But someone thinks they should not. Ego!

Lucky you, that we have the U.S. Army film of the spacecraft parts scattered across the land, that was collected. The video (or film) file are listed below.

In Roswell, the 509:th Atomic Bomb Group Headquarters was stationed.

About 2 kilometers from the crash site, 4 extraterrestial bodies was found when flying over. They probably tried to eject before the explosion and the following impact.
These bodies were rotting and one was partially eaten by wild animals. But a military autopsy was still carried out on a crew member.
Autopsy film follows after the first film, showing the scpacecraft wreckage parts collected.

Anyway, they missed to identify their crewmembers, a quite far distance from the impact site, and some smaller spaceship parts.
That is what you see in the film. The camera used did not have any recording of audio ability.

It was 1947, and they grabbed the first military photographer with a film camera as fast as they could.

Otherwise you would not be able to see this VIDEO now.

Great work!


Check the 6 finger hand on photo.

Click the above image to download the MJ-12 classified manual from 1954. (PDF)
OPNAC (AMERICAN UFO COUNTERATTACK UNIT) - Its purpose was to grab all alien tech and keep it as United States property, not sharing the technology with United Kingdom or any other Ally. You can read more about it in the first pages of the book/manual.

OPNAC AMERICAN UFO COUNTERATTACK UNIT - Its purpose was to grab all alien tech & place all EBE in Military Custody -This is the MJ12 work instructions manual.pdf

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